Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Images

Sorry for the MIA on working on my blog,but here I am, adding somenew images from items collected from the Lutcher family for the exhibit I designed.
This book hasa wonderful section about Nellie's nightclub appearances.

A plaque awarded to Nellie.
A bookmark that was in the "Playback" book. Notice the similar hairstyle of the asian figure as the imageused on the plaque above. It was a signature look of Nellie's and also shows her love of Chinoiserie, her home featured asian style furniture and ornaments.

A publicity phot of Dave DexterJr. that was in the "Playback" book by him. Dave jump started nellie's recording career at Capitol.
Another plaque presented in Lake Charles.

"Playback", an autobiography by Dave Dexter Jr. He describes in detail his relationship to Nellie Lutcher's career and lavishesmuch praise on her music.